Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Halo Extensions Reviews

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Microsoft Accidentally Leaks UEFI Secure Boot Keys

Two researchers rumored that Microsoft accidently compromised the golden keys to its UEFI Secure boot feature. The golden keys enable the developer to bypass the Window boot manager check and install a non-Microsoft OS on the machine. Microsft has free 2 patches to rectify the mistakes since then.

It’s virtually per week since the discharge of day update for public and a serious risk has aroused within the UEFI Secure Boot feature employed by Microsoft. The UEFI Secure Boot has the duty to create certain that a digitally signed version of Windows gets put in on a machine.
In March 2016, 2 researchers, MY123 and flow, unconcealed the existence of the golden keys which may be wont to breach the safety offered by UEFI Secure Boot associate degreed install an OS that isn't cryptographically secured by Microsoft, appreciate Ubuntu or the other UNIX operating system Distro, on Windows tablets anddifferent Microsoft-sealed devices.

Something regarding the Golden Keys
The golden keys mentioned here square measure Secure Boot policies created by Microsoft for developers. These facilitate them bypass the OS signature checks created by the Windows boot manager that happen once they boot into a secure boot-enabled machine and perform debugging operations.

It is virtually not possible for Microsoft to undo what has been done. The policy leak could also be associate degree outcome of some naive carelessness from the Redmond. The researchers could have found the debug-mode policy on a retail device in a very deactivated state.

“Now that golden policy has leaked onto the web. it's signed by Microsoft’s Windows Production PCA 2011 key. If you provision this onto your device or laptop as a lively policy, you’ll disable Secure Boot. The policy is universal; it's not tied to any explicit design or device. It works on x86 and ARM, on something that uses the Windows boot manager,” – The Register writes.

Last month, Microsoft free a security patch MS16-094, a handful of months once the researchers told them regarding the bug. It concerned the revocations of varied policy by the Windows Boot Manager including the debug-mode policy too.

Second security patch MS16-100 was free on August nine. it's not a fool-proof resolution. However it will add some level of obstruction ahead of an individual making an attempt to put in debug-mode policy on his/her device. Another patch is the works and can be free within the returning month.

A Treat For the safety Agencies, “FBI”
These tools square measure created to supply quick access to the developers and bug-hunters. howeverwill|they will|they'll} conjointly function a backdoor for security agencies like FBI WHO can exploit the safety policy vulnerability to realize access to the devices of individuals concerned in cases.

Security breach incidents like these place an issue on the privacy of the users. Not solely the FBI WHO would use it for crime-fighting, conjointly the criminals minds WHO would conjointly exploit the backdoor to realize access to confidential information.

In the San Bernardino Case, Apple fought fine to defend the integrity of their iOS OS and also the FBI had to pay a hefty quantity of money to induce the iPhone unlatched.

“This could be an excellent globe example regarding why your plan of backdooring cryptosystems with a ‘secure golden key’ is incredibly unhealthy,” wrote flow.

“Smarter individuals than Maine are telling this to you for thus long. It looks you have got your fingers in your ears. You seriously don’t perceive still? Microsoft enforced a ‘secure golden key’ system. and also the golden keys got free by Microsoft’s own stupidity. Now, what happens if you tell everybody to create a ‘secure golden key’ system?”

Monday, August 1, 2016

Watch Online Video with RepeatYT

Hello guys, RepeatYT is a better interface for YouTube. Anyone can search in it. While you search for videos the now playing video gets smaller on the right side. You can directly queue the videos in your now playing list from search results or from related Youtube videos. The queued videos will play one by one in the order if repeat is not set. You also have option to shuffle the youtube videos in the queue. You can play any video in the queue by clicking the play button next to it. You can delete any video by clicking the delete button next to it. You can reorder the videos in the queue by dragging and dropping them. So, let start with PepeatYT.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Menemukan Jasa Hipnoterapi Terbaik

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

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