Sunday, May 3, 2015

Big News: Microsoft Brings Android and iOS Apps to Windows 10

Today at its Developer Conference, Microsoft declared that currently developers will be able to bring the android and iOS apps to Windows 10. according to Microsoft, currently developers can have the flexibility to rework and use nearly all Java and C++ codes to create apps for Windows from android phone apps. Talking to create the iOS apps, currently devs can recycle the Objective-C codes to create Windows 10 apps to make the Visual Studio tools.

With this step, Microsoft has gone one step ahead of its plans to develop a computer code to convert the golem apps to Windows 10 apps. currently developers will be able to port the games and apps on to Windows Universal apps. Devs will take the advantage of the pre-developed codes and build one thing new.

The actual difficult method of developing a Windows 10 app from the scratch will be replaced by the new tools by Microsoft.

Microsoft has been testing these new tools for iOS and android apps porting with huge developers like King – maker of the Candy Crush saga. The more company expects to bring additional mainstream games and apps to the Windows 10 ecosystem before launching its new software system Windows 10.

Apart from the iOS and android app, the software big is functioning hard to bringing the websites and Windows desktop apps to Windows universal apps. this may enable website owners like us to form our own web apps without a lot of problem with in-built push notifications.

Android and iOS has been difficult the Windows ecosystem and therefore, the massive pool of popular apps on them is one in all the key factors.

Now developers are going to be ready to feature their app on the store and they may be and they from right there. TechCrunch writes that during the conference, Microsoft showed however this system would work with Adobe Photoshop.

Did you like this idea of making the iOS and android apps’ import to Windows 10 easy? Tell us in comments.

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