Sunday, May 10, 2015

How China Treats Internet Addicts

Using Internet, collaborating in games on-line, committal to writing for hours, social networking: everything is nice to some extent. There unit of measurement incalculable studies showing that internet addicts becomes rude, proud and customarily they
start ignoring their own parents.

Excessive use of internet has been termed as problematic in many parts of the world, but China has mentioned because it a clinical disorder. Recently I came upon one Op-Doc video that shows the period of time of internet addicted  Chinese teenagers World Health Organization are outlay their lives in rehabilitation centers.

The Internet Addiction Treatment Center of capital of Red China came into the existence in 2004 and has affected several such centers in China and Asian country.

The teenagers area unit taken forcefully to those centers by their folks for a treatment that lasts 3 to four months. . I watched this video and settled it worrying. These teenagers ought to be compelled to endure strict preparation. it's claimed that these rehabilitation centers have 70th success rates.

Source: The new york Times

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