Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - A new torrent indexing site

  1. A new torrent indexing site has been launched recently and they've acquired a good no of torrents. The torrent site in question is - Site wide SSL is enabled for better security. The salient features of the site are:
  3.  > There is a section called "Verified Torrents". They are marked as blue "[V]", and can be safely downloaded since they're verified. People downloading them shouldn't worry about downloading fake torrents.
  5. > There is also a section called "Healthy Torrents"; it got its status from seeder/leecher ratio. Ideally when a torrent is marked healthy, it should get a good download speed. Not all healthy torrents are verified though.
  7. > Then there is the normal browse section where one can browse all the torrents in the site.
  9. > All these torrents are categorised accordingly. Please have a look at the site to see it for yourself.
  11. > There is also a forum where people can discusss many stuff.
  13. > One can upload torrents. For uploading you don't need to be a member, however it is advisable that you register before uploading. That would allow you to modify your uploaded torrent.
  15. > Then there are other features such as voting, commenting etc on torrents.
  17. Please go through the site and share with your friends.

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