Sunday, December 27, 2015

DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor

Stop spoiling your night thinking too much about the security of your child. If you are worrying about how to keep an eye on your kid then it’s not at all a big deal now. There are thousands of devices in the market that will help you and will make this task easy for you. Our products are the answers to all your questions that comes up in your mind regarding the care issue of your kid.

        DXR 8 is rated as second top most products. It is rated in the top list because of its astonishing features. The list of features is given below
·        This product is very helpful. It has a camera that benefits you in viewing your kid’s activities. Some products only have the availability of audio. But this device is a perfect companion for mothers who work and can’t stay with the kid whole day.
·        This is worth attention grabbing product for mothers. It is the first ever product which monitor with interchangeable optical lens capability. It is one of the best features of this device. Actually this feature allows you to customize your angle and zoom of vision.
·        If your kid is naughty and you are scared that he will get hurt. No need to worry then. Keep an eye on your kid and guide them from wherever you are. For this purpose this product is designed in a manner that will ease you providing full video of your baby. Screen is the most important feature which is the center of interest for mothers in this product. To have a clear vision this product has a large LCD of 3.5 inches with full colors in sleeked single unit. Another feature is the activated sound LED with the retraceable antenna service.
·        You don’t need to worry about recharging the battery after every half hour like other products in the market. It has a long battery life. If you keep it on power saving mode it will take 10 hours to get recharged again. And on screen mode it will run for 6 hours straight.
·        Considering your demands of clear and zoomed videos we offer to sale a wide range angle lens with the product. One optical zoom lens in included in the product.
This product is very reasonable in price. You can easily afford this. We highly recommend this product to all our customers who are experiencing parenting for the first time and are worried about the safety of your kid.

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