Sunday, December 27, 2015

VTech DM221-Safe and Sound Digital Baby Monitor


Taking care of your baby is a natural feeling. Maternal instincts is not a myth. It automatically comes in when you hold your baby for the first time. It feels like you were always having this motherly feeling. You suddenly starts thinking how to keep your baby safe. You never want to have your baby out of sight for a moment. We understands your feeling so we are introducing some devices that will definitely comfort your problems you are facing in taking care of your child.

        We reference this device on top due to its amazing features. It’s a best device to keep yourself acknowledged what your kid is doing. Communicating with your kid when you are not in front of him is also made possible with this device.

Some of the features of this amazing device are given below:
·        This device consist of two units. One unit is for the parent and the other is for the kid. Parent unit is used for monitoring. It will help you keep knowing about the kids movements. The other unit is kept near the kid. It is an audio monitor. It will catch your baby’s voices and will deliver them to you when you are not near.
·        It delivers crystal clear voice of your child. It eliminates the muffled voices the other devices make and annoy you while you are working. It will only catch your kid’s sounds. Usually analog monitors make a white noise that eliminates the sounds you are interested to listen. This device fulfills your requirement of clear voice.
·        If you are stuck in some work and cannot come to look over your child, then don’t worry this device will aid this problem also. It is a two way talk back intercom. You can easily comfort your child talking with this device.
·        It has rechargeable batteries that provides the parent unit for about 18 hours of charging in a single charge.
·        It has options for multi-lingual switching. You can switch the language from English to French or Spanish for all screen displays.
·        In nights the loop will double the light to soothe your baby as a night light. Your baby will not get scarred due to the darkness.
·        The operating unit of the parent unit is 1000ft outdoors and 150 feet indoors. You will not get irritated by holding the device and handling it everywhere you go. Just clip it in your belt and it is with you everywhere you are.
·        If the battery is low or you are losing the signals by moving out of the range, your device can be set up to the beep profile.
·        It has 5 levels sound indicator. But you can enjoy the silence only by setting your device on vibrating mode. You will be notified with a vibration when there is some noise or sound in your baby’s room.

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