Sunday, March 20, 2016

Microworkers Pre-defined Groups

You may have heard more or less the name of Microworkers. Actually, it is an online marketplace. Here who post a job is known as the employer and a person who compete the job is known as a worker. Actually, a Micoworkers account is both for an employer and for a worker. That means a person don’t need the second account to post a job or to work on a job. That is why it is easy to access one’s account. Some people may think that as its name starts with micro, here the job is not only simple but also the payment is also simple. You will be amazed to know that here in this platform you may get a work of 100 Dollars or more. To get more you have to develop you and you must keep your reputation high. Here it should be noted that an employer creates a group to take the best from the worker. Suppose, an employer needs some unique articles and for that, he may select MW: Writers Group. From this group, it is sure that the employer must get unique articles because the workers of MW: Writers Group are qualified to perform in writing unique articles. If an employer is not satisfied with the task that is done by the specific worker of MW: Writers Group then he may claim the task to be revised and to provide the unique articles. If he does that then the specific writers of MW: Writers Group will get a notification to recheck and to revise the job. Here the worker will get a chance to revise the job. Actually this MW: Writers Group will mainly help the employer to get unique articles. Like MW: Writers Group, an employer will get the chance to select other groups for performing special jobs.

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